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Singer-Songwriter | Composer | Pianist



Camden Bonsu-Stewart, known professionally as camdenmusique, is a British singer-songwriter, composer and pianist from London. He is noted for his public piano and singing videos on the internet. He recently gained recognition for his eclectic fusion of genres within his original works, amalgamating opera, neoclassical, ambient, new age, jazz and hip hop.


Camden began his musical endeavours at an early age. Commencing his piano studies at six years old with weekly private lessons. At the age of seven, he joined the Libera choir as one of the lead soloists and featured on various album recordings, movie soundtracks, and appearances on TV, such as Songs of Praise.

After amassing millions of followers online, Camden’s videos have led to many opportunities. He is a Young Ambassador of The Lang Lang International Music Foundation, having performed at several venues in London, including BBC Radio London, Abbey Road Studios, Southbank Centre and the Burlington Arcade.


Camden is drawn to public pianos as he believes “music is a universal language and should be made accessible to all for healing and enjoyment". He never fails to captivate and transport the listener to a different dimension through his music. As well as original works, Camden has a particular affinity for playing film scores and pop classics, he is passionate about sharing his music as a uniting force, particularly for those enduring hardship. 



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